Monday, June 21, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Well, we made it! We are official residents of Winston-Salem.

And I'm excited. Excited to be a first-time homeowner and to redecorate. Excited for a fenced in backyard and a double vanity. Excited to be in a bigger city and closer to family. Excited to have more options. Options for everything from grocery stores to public schools to choice of dentist. Excited to live in a city that stays open past 5pm. Excited for playgroups and farmer's markets and museums and restaurants.

And I'm sad. Sad to no longer be able to walk to campus. Or to the grocery store. Or to Dairy Queen. Sad to have to drive for more than 10 minutes to reach the other side of town. Sad to have to find a new hair dresser. And eyebrow waxer. And dentist. Sad to leave a church that doesn't mind when my son squeals and laughs through the entire service. Sad to move Jace away from his first friends, Harper and Owen. Even sadder to move away from their parents.

If you had told me four years ago that one day I would be sad to leave Farmville I most certainly would've thought you were nuts. After all, we weren't exactly thrilled to be moving to such a small town in the first place. But we felt the Lord calling us to go and so we went. And while living there wasn't always super exciting or convenient (who really wants to drive 45 minutes to reach the nearest Target?) I know that we made the right decision and am thankful for the many ways in which He provided for us.

And am hopeful He will do the same here.


  1. Yay new post! (although you need another Jace pic!).

    And don't worry, He will most certainly provide for you in Winston Salem! In fact, hopefully He will be providing me next week!

    I'm so excited to read more about your adventures in NC!

    Missing you tons!!

  2. I can definitely relate to how you're feeling, Danielle! Joe & I moved here to WS from Norfolk, VA 23 years ago, & I well remember all the "new things" we needed to figure out as a family! Seems like one of the first questions for us was, "Where do I find kid's sneakers?... Ben's outgrown his shoes ALREADY!" It all took time...

    Please know we are ALWAYS happy to help y'all find your way around WS! We have a fantastic dentist (not too far from you!)... and I even know of a pediatric dentist for Jace when he's ready. I love my family practice... just give me a call & I'll fill you in! And Joe can give you the inside scoop on churches around here!... You are always welcome to come visit 1st Pres with us! :)

    Can't wait to see your new home!!... Welcome to Winston-Salem! :)


  3. Just read this for the first time, and boy, can I relate! I feel like there are little pieces of my heart stuck in Harrisonburg and Blacksburg still. Each time we've moved, I have feared that I would never find friends like the ones I had in the place we were leaving, and every single time the Lord has humbled me so much in the ways He provides for me and our family!!
    Miss you, friend, and praying for your sweet family!!