Friday, May 21, 2010

My busy beaver!

Jace can officially stand in his crib! It's a very sweet/scary sight when I walk into his room now. Sweet because I'm so proud that he has mastered this new skill but scary because I'm slightly terrified he's going to find a way to fall out of the crib. I find myself listening for loud thuds when he wakes up crying in the middle of the night! Although as part of our continual baby proofing process we have recently lowered his crib mattress to the lowest setting and have removed his crib bumper.

Besides learning to pull himself to a standing position, Jace has also figured out his crib rail is the perfect chew toy. For all 8 teeth. Yuck! And my, does he chew it well. I wish I knew this was going to happen....why don't all cribs come with rail guards? So much for saving this crib for years to come......oh the things you learn as you go!

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  1. im in winston a bunch!!! steeny and I should see you when you are all settled! also whenever you are in richmond, let me know and I will meet you sometime :) Jace kills me.hope to see him soon!