Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jace in action.

A crawling baby is exhausting! So far today Jace has found two new electrical outlets, chewed on the dog bone, played in the dog water, almost knocked over a lamp, chewed on the window blinds, chewed on a pair of crocs, chewed on a pair of sandals, and found every miniscule piece of dirt that was on the floor! Yikes. Thankfully, I am visiting my parents and have had some great help in watching my little monkey.

The advantage to having a crawling baby is long afternoon naps! This afternoon Jace slept for a full 2 hours (his usual naps are right around an hour) and woke up happy! I walked into his room and found him laying on his back in his pack-n-play staring up at his hands. When I called his name he turned towards me and laughed! Nothing beats a happy baby after a long nap. Bliss. Especially when there is enough time for momma to nap, too!

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  1. Army crawl! Abby never did this, when she learned to crawl she already had her belly up off the floor. So cute! Go, Jace, go! Maybe he can teach Ric :-)